Turtle Beach Elite Pro Gaming Headset

With the competitive eSports scene blooming, a lot of gaming peripheral companies are scrambling to create products to entice pro gamers to use them.

Today, I am going to talk about a gaming headset that was made specifically for Pro gamers, but of course, even a casual gamer can buy this one.

The Turtle Beach Elite Pro is a gaming headset designed for the competitive eSports scene. It sports some unique features and I will talk about them in this article.

But before anything else, I want to talk about the design. The Turtle Beack Elite Pro sports a black overall design with some orange accents put here and there.

It has the official Turtle Beach brand at the top of the headset. On the left side of the headset is a foldable and bendable microphone which is perfect for amazing game sessions. The microphone is a bit flimsy compared to other professional gaming headsets on the market, though. More on the microphone later.

The earcups of the Turtle Beach Elite Pro is actually quite comfortable. It has a thick, gel-infused fit that feels amazing to the touch. It is as if you’re wearing one of those gel packs you use when you’ve suffered from burns.

The adjustable headband fits snugly as well. It fits the contours of your head perfectly, though, you can set it yourself for a precise fit that suits your needs.

A perfect gaming headset is one that is comfortable to use, even for prolonged periods of time and the Turtle Beach Elite Pro is really good in this regard.

One of the most important aspects in any gaming headset is the performance, so let’s talk about that.

The Turtle Beach Elite Pro is fitted with Turtle Beach’s own 50mm “Nanoclear Drivers”. As far as positional audio is concerned, Turtle Beach has hit the mark with the Elite Pro.

When turning on its 7.1 Surround feature, I was able to hear the bullets accurately when playing Overwatch. Hearing the enemy’s footsteps is key to these types of games and I am happy that the Turtle Beach Elite Pro performed really well.

I did mention earlier that the Turtle Beach Elite Pro has unique features. Well, that unique set of features can only be unlocked if you buy a separate accessory made for this gaming headset. And no, it is not cheap; in fact, it costs the same as the Turtle Beack Elite Pro gaming headset (at $199).

Although it has a steep price, you will be given a plethora of new features such as the ability to control the mic, eliminating background noise, among others. Again, if you want these features, you need to dish out the extra cash.

The microphone of the Turtle Beach Elite Pro is surprisingly good. In fact, in terms of voice quality, the Turtle Beach Elite Pro’s “TruSpeak” microphone provides crisp and clear voice quality. Speaking to my mates in Overwatch, they said that I was much clearer in communicating than ever before.

Unfortunately, the default microphone doesn’t have a noise-cancelling feature so some background noise will be picked up by the mic. Still, voice quality matters to me even more so I ain’t complaining.

The Turtle Beach Elite Pro is truly one of those gaming headsets that professional gamers can use. The audio quality is very good and the microphone voice quality is crisp.

Probably, the only downside to this gaming headset is its already steep asking price with an additional accessory selling for the same price.

But, if you just look at the actual gaming headset, the Turtle Beach Elite Pro is really one of the best in the market today.