Top 3DS Games you can play on 2DS: Part One

The Nintendo 2DS is a slightly simpler and cheaper version of the Nintendo 3DS. It has only been released for a few years but is great because it can play many of the same games as the 3DS. It is also a great kid-friendly device that still has many of the perks of the 3DS.

From timeless classics to new addicting games, the 2DS can open you up to the gaming world. Below are just a few options of 3DS games that you can play on a 2DS:

Animal Crossing: New Leaf

Animal Crossing: New Leaf is a game where you are a newcomer who is mistaken for the mayor of a quaint and quirky town filled with cartoonish characters. Not only do you need to protect your own home, you are tasked with the job of managing the whole city. It is a life simulating game, which means you will be doing tasks such as building and maintaining your home, talking with neighbors, and helping out your city.

Fire Emblem: Awakening

If you are interested in fantasy combined with strategic planning, Fire Emblem: Awakening is a game you will want to play. Each “piece” of the game has its abilities and history, and the whole game extends to tell a story of ancient magic and kingdoms. You can create your character with special powers. This game will surely keep you entertained.

Mario Kart 7

Though most people are quite familiar with this racing game on the 3DS, it is refreshing to know that you will still be able to drive on land, air, and sea on the 2DS as well. From Mario to Bowser, Luigi, and Princess Peach, you will be able to race with your favorite characters. The 2DS allows you to play with friends through a multiplayer when you are linked wirelessly.

Pokemon X/Y

For all the Pokemon fans out there, this timeless game can also be played on your 2DS. Pokemon X/Y adds a new twist to the well played game, making it a surprise for old and new players alike. Pokemon X/Y makes catching them all much harder, with seventy new Pokemon to try and find as you are wandering through the region of Kalos. You will also find new types of Pokemon with a new evolution, known as the Mega Evolution.


Though Crashmo may seem at first to be a children’s game, this is a game that can challenge kids and adults alike. Crashmo is a puzzle game where the player’s goal is to get to the top of a large pile of blocks. Each puzzle becomes increasingly challenging, and you will need to strategically move the blocks around to create viable paths for your munchkin character. This game is both entertaining and addicting, and the bright pastel colors will keep you playing for days. It is also called “Fallblox” in Europe and “Hiku Otsu” in Japan, and you can easily purchase it digitally through the Nintendo eShop.

For more 3DS games that you can play on the 2DS, check out Part 2.

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