How to Jailbreak your iPhone

There are two dominant mobile phone operating systems on the market today: Android and the iOS. The Android operating system is more ubiquitous because it is an open-source platform and that a lot of mobile phone manufacturers use it.

The iOS operating system, on the other hand, is exclusive for Apple’s flagship iPhones. Each and every year, there is a new version of the iOS that promises a slew of features that help improve the functionality of Apple’s mobile phones.

Well, it is true that each iteration of the iOS brings with it various fixes and improvements. But, just like any other update, there are bound to be problems here and there that might not get fixed immediately by Apple’s developers.

This is where Jailbreaking has become popular. Jailbreaking is akin to Android’s Rooting in that it gives you specialized privileges and unlocks a whole new world of features that you normally wouldn’t think as possible.

The process of jailbreaking your iPhone, of course, comes with risks. Much like the Android version of Jailbreaking, people who own iPhones who try to jailbreak their devices would void them of their warranty.

But, if you are brave enough to take the plunge and proceed with jailbreaking your Apple mobile phone, the rewards are greater.

In this article, I will teach you how to jailbreak your iPhone mobile phone. Do remember that you have to follow the instructions exactly as it was stated, otherwise, you could end up bricking your device.

So, without further ado, here are the instructions:

  1. The first thing you need to do is backup your device. This is to ensure that your settings will be fine should anything go wrong with the jailbreaking process. To backup your iOS mobile phone, head to Settings>iCloud>Backup and choose “Back Up Now”
  2. If you’re using a passcode, be sure to disable it before starting the process. To disable your passcode, head on to the Settings menu, then select Touch ID & Passcode and disable the feature.
  3. Enable Airplane mode by swiping up on the screen to open up the control center and tap the airplane mode icon.
  4. Download an application called Pangu because this will be the main jailbreaking tool.
  5. Download and install iTunes if you don’t have one installed.
  6. Open the Pangu software and Plug your Apple iPhone in your computer
  7. When your Apple mobile phone is recognized by Pangu, hit the start button to commence the operation.
  8. When prompted by the application, click “Already Backup.”
  9. After Pangu finishes with the first jailbreaking process, your phone will boot back up and it will ask you to put your mobile phone to airplane mode again. Once done, the process will continue.
  10. After a few minutes, Pangu will notify you to open the Pangu app that is now installed on your Apple iPhone. A prompt will appear asking if it can access your photos, give it permission to do so.
  11. Your mobile phone will then reboot for one last time. Once it has rebooted, disable the Airplane mode, open up Cydia, and that’s it!

There you have it! Your Apple mobile phone is now jailbroken. Be sure to follow the instructions to the tee to avoid any problems. Enjoy your newly jailbroken iPhone!

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